Saturday, 21 April 2012

Work is learning - learning is the work

Harold Jarche uses this beautiful catch-phrase work is learning - learning is the work to highlight the power of social learning that takes place dynamically on-the-job everyday. Work is learning - learning is the work. For me this has become something of a mantra - a philosophy worth promoting across my organisation.

I'm using this slogan to plant the seeds of change - how it translates is yet to be seen. Organisations can no longer delude themselves that sending people away to a classroom to be trained by an L & D 'expert' delivers the real skills needed on the job - often to novel situations where problem solving and strategic thinking is necessary.

I'm speaking to colleagues about the importance of collaboration and extended learning networks across the organisation. This would mean that we're harnessing the power of collective thinking on the 'factory floor' and focusing less on formal training - largely outside the context of work.

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